YRPC Membership FAQ

The Youngstown Rifle And Pistol Club is a limited membership organization. We limit our membership to 175 members, and when we reach that number, our membership will be closed. Due to increased interest, in June, 2011, we increased our maximum membership from 150 to 175 members.




How do I join the Youngstown Rifle & Pistol Club?

Joining the YRPC is a three step process.

  • First, you need to download the Membership Application by clicking the download link below.


  • Second, you need to bring the filled out application to the first Executive Board Meeting of the month (meeting dates are posted on the YRPC Calendar Page), and introduce yourself to the Executive Board. The Executive Board will then vote on your acceptance into the Membership. If you are accepted by the Executive Board, you will need a check for $100.00 at tthis time (your check will be held until Step 3 is completed)


  • Thirdly, You will need to attend the next Membership Meeting (meeting dates are posted on the YRPC Calendar Page) , and present yourself to the Membership as you did at the Executive Board Meeting. The General Membership will then vote on your acceptance into the YRPC. If you are accepted by the General Membership, you will need a check for $200 (this is for the YRPC stock certificate you will be issued, as you will be a stock holder in the YRPC)



What are my Membership Requirements?


  • First, you MUST be a Member of the National Rifle Association, and you must provide proof of NRA Membership at the Executive Board Meeting that you attend.


  • Second, there are work hours for each Member, which reduces your yearly Dues. Each Member is asked to put in TWENTY WORK HOURS each year. Each hour will earn you a $10 credit off of your current year's Dues. So, if you put in the minimum of 20 hours, your dues would be approximately $65.
Download The YRPC Membership Application
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